About us - AceitunasOchoa

Olives Ochoa is a company dedicated to the manufacture of pickles and olives dressing which began its journey in the year 2007 preparing olives traditionally only. We currently have a stable workforce of more than 20 workers, productive capacity 1.000 tonnes per year and a complete product catalog, therefore the variety of olives and the type of dressing and / or fillers employed.

Thanks to our growth and development help the creation and consolidation of employment in rural areas.

Olives Ochoa is located in Cuevas Bajas, Malaga town nestled in the middle region of the Hojiblanca olive variety.

We work with all varieties of olives, It is the Hojiblanca, naturally, the main base for our traditional dressing.

From Field to Table. “The best taste ever “

After collection campaign, and directly from the field, We receive and select only the best olives of each variety.


Our products are made traditionally strictly following the quality standards that ensure product taste and texture like no other.


Gourmet line in the product is packaged in different formats available ( cans, Glass jars). In the traditional line, used PET containers.


The result of the work and effort is reflected in our brand with a quality product, attractive and always with a purpose: ” enjoy”.

Prize awarded to the best business experience from the point of view of employment generation, the innovation, the quality, reconciling work and family life,…