We have a wide range of different working olives and dressings according to the variety used:


  • Mount games: Olives with tasty traditional dressing.
  • Mustard flavor items.
  • Anchovy stuffed.
  • Natural style: Green and purple. Prepared in the traditional style, only pimiento, it, Water, salt and spices such as thyme and oregano.
  • Anchovy Flavor Camomile: Boneless whole and.
  • surcharge: Lisa and Boneless.
  • laminated.
  • black.
  • Chupadedos. Our flagship product, the most requested by our customers.

According to customer needs, We deliver our products to the next packaging:

  • Round tin:

    • Net weight: 5 Kg
    • Red Lata: All products with traditional dressing del Monte
    • Green can: Any type of olive
    • Lata Blanca: Pickles
  • Glass jar:
    • A370
    • 1/4 Gallon
    • Gourmet
  • Traditional line:
    • product packaging:
    • Traditional game Casera
    • Traditional Homemade Residence
    • PET packaging unpasteurized.
    • formats:
      • cube 10 Kg.
      • Bottle 4,5 Kg.
      • Bottle 1,6 Kg.
      • Bottle 800 Grs.